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The home or building inspection is only a small part of the home buying or selling process. Please help me help you by learning what I do well, and what I need to improve or change.

You may choose to be anonymous or include contact information if you would like a reply. Please choose a rating from 10 (highest or absolutely agree) down to 0 (lowest or absolutely disagree) At the end of the survey you will have the opportunity to verbalize your thoughts in the message section.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey to help me with my inspection process!

Andrew Saulnier
A Closer Look, LLC

Agency (for Agents):
Street Address:
I communicated with terminology you could understand.:
The report was professional and well layed out.:
The review of the report was helpful.:
I treated you with respect.:
I portray a professional image.:
Please select all that apply to the total experience.:
Regarding the cost of the inspection; it was:
Compared to other home inspections you have had; this experience was:
Will you recommend me to your friends or fellow agents?:
Why did you choose A Closer Look, LLC versus another inspector?:
In the future, how would you find an inspctor?:
What do you recommend I change in my process?:
What do you like most about my process?:

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